Millbrite Contract Cleaning Solutions Inc.

The Mill Cleaning Professionals

About Us

Millbrite Contract Cleaning Solutions Inc. has over 30 years experience in the industrial cleaning and maintenance industry offering a wide range of products and services ranging from Specialty Chemical Manufacturing, Contract Cleaning and Vacuuming, Combustible Dust Remediation, Hydro Blasting, Soda Blasting and Industrial Painting.
Our primary focuses have been in the pulp, paper, forest products, packaging and food processing industries.

Our Customers

Georgia Pacific
Proctor and Gamble
International Paper
Clear Water Paper
Rock Tenn
Orchids Paper

Ainsworth Nutrition
Glaxo Smith and kline
Riceland Foods
and many more!

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our products and services are only rivaled by our commitment to our customers because at Millbrite we believe that the best sales person any company can have is a satisfied customer!


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